CSU students recommend Halloween movies

Nick Botkin

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Kaely Orr, a senior English Education major smiles with her friend Liz Benavente, a senior English major. When asked what their favorite Halloween movies were, Kaely said hers was Halloweentown and Liz said hers was A Nightmare Before Christmas. Liz said “This is Halloween is a banger.” (Jenna Van Lone | Collegian)


It is time to stock up on good Halloween TV shows and movies. 


Colorado State students have their own  viewing favorites.  


The tale of a young witch saving her town from supernatural creatures.

“It was a real nice medium between happy/spooky,” said Kaely Orr, a senior English education major.

For Micah Shafer, a junior zoology major, the movie also finds that nice medium.

“I like how all the characters are friendly and it’s not a scary movie,” Shafer said.

Nightmare Before Christmas 

Considered by many to be one of Tim Burton’s most masterful works, it also strikes a chord with CSU students.

“I love the music,” said Liz Benavente, a senior English major. “‘This is Halloween’ is a banger.”

It also has personal meaning for Benavente.


“I watched it when I was little,” Benavente said. “It’s fun to look back at when I’m older.”

 The movie focuses on Jack Skellington’s, aka The Pumpkin King, efforts to introduce Christmas to his kingdom. As with any Tim Burton movie, darkly humorous chaos ensues—including the abduction of Santa Claus.

Many students also admire Burton’s particular aesthetic.

“I just like Tim Burton’s approach…his unique style,” said Ian Reed, a sophomore biology major. “It’s creepy, yet lighthearted.”

The Addams Family 

Based on the cartoons of Charles Addams and the 1960s TV show of the same name, the eccentric but warm-hearted family must deal with a con artist pretending to be Gomez’s long-lost brother, Fester.

“I like how different everyone is…and how it showcases all the personalities,” said Tessa McGlynn, a sophomore psychology major.

McGlynn likes the film’s overall arc.

“It’s a groovy story,” McGlynn said.

Hocus Pocus  

This `90s classic centers around three witches, played by Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker, hanged in Salem in 1693. Resurrected by accident three centuries later, they plot to steal children’s souls.  

Bella Hines, a sophomore journalism major at CSU, says this is her personal favorite.                     

“It was pretty funny,” she said. “I like the actors and actresses and I like the costumes.”

 It is also a movie that holds broad appeal, according to Hines.

“It’s just a good movie for all ages,” Hines said.

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Sophomore students Cole Van Tassel, Tessa McGlynn, and Ian Reed as well as junior student Melissa Henke were all asked what their favorite Halloween movies were. Psychology major Cole said his favorite movie was Alien, psych major Melissa said her favorite movie was Ash vs. Evil Dead, psych major Tessa’s favorite movie was the Addams Family, and finally biology major Ian’s favorite movie was A Nightmare Before Christmas. (Jenna Van Lone | Collegian)

Rocky Horror Picture Show

This is the ultimate embodiment of a Halloween classic, with its memorable and charismatic characters, namely alien transvestite Dr. Frank N-Furter, played by Tim Curry. Its annual screenings are perennially packed and audience members dress up and dance the famous “Time Warp,” among other rituals.

Amber Pearson, a senior natural management resources major, is a fan.

“It’s different,” Pearson said. “It’s funny. It’s original.”

Pearson added that the song “Sweet Transvestite” was a perfect example of the originality.

“How many songs do you get about transvestites?” Pearson said.


The classic tale of a spaceship crew attacked by an extraterrestrial, the movie is another cult classic.

Cole Van Tassel, a sophomore psychology major, likes its plot.

“Now most horror movies are kind of predictable,” Van Tassel said.

 The movie sets just the right mood.

 “They bounce it well between horror and suspense,” Van Tassel said.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” will be screened at the Lyric on Oct. 27 at 9:30 p.m.

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