The best cheeseburger in Fort Collins: Big Al’s vs. Stuft

Cheeseburgers are a classic, never-go-wrong type of food, an apology to all the vegans and vegetarians out there. It is important to realize that cheeseburgers are very hard to mess up. There are specifically two restaurants in Old Town that are known for their burgers and fries. The real question is, between Stuft and Big Al’s, which one gives the people the best bang for their buck?

You are probably asking yourself now, “where would you even begin to judge a cheeseburger?” but that already has been answered. First off, an important characteristic of judging the quality of a cheeseburger is the meat-to-bun ratio. Secondly, the customer service at these restaurants are just as important. Lastly, the overall quality of the burger.


Now you are probably wondering, “how was this experiment handled in a non-bias way?” Well, burgers from both restaurants where ordered in the exact same style: bun, meat, cheese and last but not least. a side of ketchup.


It is noticeable from the moment you walk in that Stuft is all about gourmet burgers. This restaurant is classified as more of a “fancy” burger joint. Stuft burger, to say the least, was great. But there was not a noticeable amount of cheese on the burger. After having to take off the top bun to see if cheese existed, there was. A critique of this restaurant burger would be that if a cheeseburger is ordered, it must look and fit the part of a cheeseburger by first glance. A positive aspect of this burger was its thick burger. On the meat-to-bun ratio, Stuft takes the win. The customer service at Stuft was very professional, and everyone who worked there seemed very happy to be there. For an almost $8 burger, I think that the burger was not up to par. Sadly, the burger was prettier to look at than to eat.

Big Al’s

Walking into Big Al’s the entire atmosphere makes you believe you are no longer in Northern Colorado. Big Al’s is more of a laid-back, nonchalant hang-out spot compared to Stuft. The price of the burger from Big Al’s ended up being a little over five dollars and it was worth every penny. Surprisingly, it looked like your picture-perfect cheeseburger. It talked the talk and walked the walk, meaning it looked like a cheeseburger and tasted like it was worth way more than five dollars. The meat-to-bun ration was a little lower compared to Stuft, but the overall quality of the burger was off the charts. Also, the customer service at Big Al’s was very comforting and helpful, these workers constantly had a smile on their face.

Big Al's
Cheeseburger ordered at Big Al’s.


At the end of the day, all cheeseburgers are delicious, once again an apology to the vegans and vegetarians who still decided to continue reading this, but if you are looking for a bang for your buck, Big Al’s is your go-to burger place in Old Town.