Cheapest ski destinations for fall break

Dallas Head

There are some skiers who will do anything to get on that one favorite slope of theirs. Then there are those of us who just want to find the cheapest spot around. Though skiing can get pricey, between rentals or lift passes or even gas to get there, they can be affordable if you know where to look. The destinations listed below are places that are the most affordable if you’re only going for a day or two and want a fun place to slide down a mountain.

Most places also offer college student discounts for passes if you end up buying a season pass.


Winter Park, CO 

(Photo courtesy of Samantha Zehner)
(Collegian File Photo)

This popular ski town is on the lower end of the scale when it comes to lift tickets and lodging nearby. Though it may be crowded on some days, its tickets are affordable for single day skiing. During Thanksgiving Break, the prices for lift tickets range from $65 – $80. The destination is a little further, a little over two hours, and the slopes range from beginner to advanced and above.

Loveland, CO 

Loveland is a beautiful place that gives you that fancy Colorado ski resort without the expensive price tag. For just the ski pass during fall break, it will only cost $99. That price gets you a lift ticket, ski or snowboard rental and any clothing necessary for you. These are very limited during the day however and you should call soon to reserve your spot. It’s about 2 hours away down I-70, so get out there.

Keystone, CO 

Keystone is for those of you that want something different. It offers night skiing, the largest mountain in Summit County and many lodging options to choose from. The one day pass for fall break is about $79 and you have the option of including rentals in it as well. The distance isn’t very far, about two and a half hours and you’ll be getting quite the experience no matter what stage of learning you’re in.

Steamboat, CO

Probably the furthest away on this list, going at about three hours or more, this is a great one to visit. Being this far away can help keep some of the people at bay but it doesn’t detract from the experience. Starting at $90 for a one-day pass, this can be on the pricy side. There are many other things to do in the town besides skiing though, so if anything you’re non-skier friends may love to tag along.

Copper Mountain, CO

For only driving two and a half hours, you can find yourself up in one of the most beautiful mountains. Just west of Keystone, Copper Mountain is one of the best places to go skiing if you’re just going for a day or for a whole week. Their website offers tons of discounts and for fall break, lift tickets are only about $70. It’s about the same distance as Winter Park and about the same price range. They offer lodging as well as being close to Frisco and Breckenridge. 


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