How to survive the back-from-break blues

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A collection of sunburns, crazy stories and the return of exhausted (possibly hungover) students can only mean one thing: spring break is officially over.

Unfortunately, the first week back from break can set the tone for the rest of the semester. Although half the semester is finished, grades can still change drastically these next eight weeks. This list of woes is sure to be felt by many students:


1. Allergy Season

Your winter blues may have melted away, but not your allergies. Pollen is in the air and there is no hiding from it. It might be a good idea to start carrying around some Kleenex. So, it won’t be totally weird if you start buying tissues in bulk. Standing in line at the store with 20 boxes of tissues? No judgement.

2. Waking Up

Maybe it’s not pollen. Maybe we’re all just allergic to mornings. Although school is in session, a good portion of the student body is still waking up from vacation mode. Early morning classes can be difficult for any student, especially now.

3. Disorientation

In comparison to a long and much-enjoyed winter break, spring break felt like a mere 10 minutes. Now there’s the struggle to re-adjust to a fast-paced schedule. Already, students are feeling the pressure. This is a difficult time of the year, especially for the seniors. Seniors are getting ready for graduation, which means searching for jobs. Being pushed into the real world is no easy transition. Meanwhile, others are on the hunt for internships or summer jobs.

3. Long Coffee Lines

Were those midterm headaches from a lack of coffee or from too much coffee? Either way, the answer is always more coffee. Unfortunately, long waits and crowded coffee places are to be expected. After all, coffee is the key to survival in the college world.

4. Catching Up

Remember all that “catching up on homework” you were going to do over break? Didn’t happen, unless you were catching up with old friends or your favorite TV shows. Unfortunately, there’s a whole new load of assignments to tackle. Time to break open the books and head to the library.


5. No More Home-Cooked Meals

There’s no place like home, especially when it comes to food. After all, we all have our favorite dishes that make us feel comfortable and relaxed. A week of homemade food is sure to be missed. Ramen and frozen pizza are no match for actual meals.

6. Midterm Results

The test results are in. Midterms meant late nights, crammed study sessions and little sleep. Also, a lot of caffeine. Some students may be pleasantly surprised with their efforts, and others not so much. But, there is still hope. Classes aren’t over yet. This is the final stretch of the school year, so it’s more important than ever to stay focused.

Whether you’re stuck in the library, waiting for coffee, or perfecting your best zombie face, you aren’t alone in facing the woes of being back from break. On the bright side, we’re halfway through the semester. Spring is a beautiful time of year and warmer weather is just around the corner.

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