What are you listening to, CSU?

With fall break approaching fast, students and faculty alike are ready for some well-deserved rest. The music that students listened to this week reflected that attitude. With more mainstream artists such as Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and Jay-Z, perhaps students are too tired to put forth the energy to find new music. Find out who students are turning to for comfort in their earbuds.

Ben Stroud, junior business major, enjoys Juicy J’s  “Real Hustlers Don’t Sleep” because he says he “Just enjoys rap music.”


Sarah Chalberg, sophomore animal science and equine science major, turns to Coldplay. “I like Coldplay in general,” Chalberg said. “I like the band in general.”

Brandon Mohr, sophomore finance major, prefers Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive.” According to Mohr, “It’s got a good bass.”

Elliot Krogmeier is listening to Jay-Z’s “Holy Grail.” Krogmeier, a freshman business major, was nonchalant about his music choice. “It was on shuffle,” Krogmeier said. “It was just what came up.”

Christina Cooper, a freshman zoology major, enjoys “Broken Road” by 12 Stones. “It’s great,” Cooper said. “It’s one of my favorite bands.”

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